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All Ways

ALBED All Ways

Configuration freedom and technical simplicity are the strengths of the All Ways continuous wall system.

All Ways is a continuous system partition wall solution that can be used to define architectural spaces with transparent surfaces, including those that are large in size, without visual barriers. The All Ways system is characterized by a single aluminium profile assembly that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically to allow the greatest freedom of configuration.



Minimalist lines characterized by the absence of uprights, creating a sliding door on a wall-mounted rail.

Sail is the answer when design requirements call for a sliding door, the rail for which is attached to the wall itself. The graphics of the runners are left visible and there are no traditional aluminium uprights. Sail is available in a hinged door version as well.



Fluid shapes and high-tech blend into the architecture.

The Blow door is characterised by the curved, modelled shape of the panel, which takes on a wave-like form that becomes the handle. Technology becomes a fluid gesture that, thanks to the opening mechanism, fits in harmoniously with the architecture. Available both as a framed and flush hinged door version.



The wooden door with an evergreen design.

And is a lacquered wooden hinged door, the design of which is simply evergreen. The And door panel is flush with the jamb finishing lists, making it Albed’s reinterpretation of a classic. The And door can be with a pull or push opening. It is available with a classical wood frame in both the hinged and pocket version, or without a frame in the flush hinged or sliding version. It can be fitted with a magnetic lock.

Ri-Trait 8b

ALBED Ri-Trait 8b

Aluminium plates bring tradition and elegance to a highly versatile technical system.

The Ri-Trait 8b system is based on the partitioning systems typical of Japanese interiors. Its minimal, light weight profile is fitted with aluminium plates that form an elegant vertical or horizontal pattern. This sophisticated solution suits contemporary design needs, from the classical hinged door version, through to large sliding walls.



A complete system for configuring spaces without giving up the transparency of glass.

The Prima system is characterized by a minimal, rectangular profile. It is ideal for creating large size movable walls and panels, while maintaining clean lines with single glazing. This complete system satisfies multiple design needs, from a classical hinged or pocket door, through to large sliding panels.