Maison CR


The Cut and Record è Cucine, manufacture genuine Italian-made modern and classic kitchens.

RECORD City / Diva 08

City / Diva 08

Arrangement entirely in Materia Vulcano. Snack top in Paglia finish. City door profile in black aluminium. External side of island with
Diva glass doors. Taty stools.

RECORD City 03

City 03

Base units and columns in Ghiaccio matt lacquer. Cover in Brunito
and back in Paglia finish. Top, back and hood cover in Tosca HPL laminate. City door profile in white aluminium.

THE CUT Divina


Door with straight frame, with clean lines and elegance in its simplicity.
Bevelling on the inside thickness leads to the join with the panel and underscores and marks the thickness and raised part.



The counter snack Ego is available in all the Rovere nodato and natural veneer finishes.
It is possible to combine Ego to all the units with doors One, Pure, Vela, Union and Minima.

THE CUT Eterea


Eterea kitchen by The Cut extends beyond its natural space via a solid dynamism of stone, wood and metal. Light beams run along its vertical walls to convey the minimalist essence of a timeless design.
These advanced geometries and flexible solutions revolve around the most iconic element: the round island table dominating the scene.
The Silence.

RECORD Ginevra 15

Ginevra 15

Base units, wall units and columns featuring Bianco décapé ash door frame. Black granite top.

RECORD Jay / Diva 12

Jay / Diva 12

Island base units in Écru matt lacquer. Columns and wall-hung base units in Greige finish. Jay door profile in black aluminium. Wall units with Diva glass door. Taty stools.


Jay 04

Base and wall units in Maxilac Fumo. Columns and open bookcases in Essenza Esotica. Top, back and table top in Moiet HPL laminate. Jay door profile lacquered in Maxilac Fumo. Evy seating.
Cross table.


Jay 05

Base units in Cenere matt lacquer. Columns and open end base units in Rovere Castano. Wall units with Diva glass door. Jay door profile in black aluminium. Ever frames in anodized matt black and
shelves in Rovere Castano. Panelling in Rovere Castano.
Evy stools and seating. Elisir table.


Jay 11

Base units and tall units in Fango matt lacquer. Island (monolith),
wall units, top and back in Akita HPL laminate. Slide snack bar top in Noce Vintage HPL laminate. Jay door profile in Fango matt lacquer.

THE CUT Linear


The door is perfectly flat, smooth and straight, externally and on the sides. It is suitable for designs and compositions of great linearity and clean lines.
The front panel of the door is in line with the outer edge of the top, defining a single volume for uniformity and aesthetic continuity.

RECORD Micol 14

Micol 14

Base units, wall units and columns with solid wood white lacquer door. Marble top

THE CUT Minima


The thickness 12 means lightness and technology, and also elegance, durability and function.

Finishes are available for the covering in ceramic, wood types, glass, lacquer and clay finishes.

RECORD Modern 02

Modern 02

Columns and shelves in Rovere Biondo finish. Island (Monolith) in
Nero Ingo Fenix. Gloss chrome handle.

RECORD Modern 07

Modern 07

Island in matt lacquer Cemento Top in Fenix Grigio Londra. Columns and table in Rovere Grigio. Black handle Matt black anodized Ever frames and Rovere Grigio veneered shelves.
Seats Ella.

RECORD Modern 10

Modern 10

Grigio Bromo Fenix for base units, columns and tops. Island (monolith), wall units and back in Pietra Beige. Anthracite handle.
Storage tray in matt black and accessories in Noce Canaletto.

RECORD Modern 13

Modern 13

Columns and island in Fenix Grigio Efeso Snack bar in Greige finish.
Calacatta Marble top Nichel Satinato Handle

THE CUT Nativia


Nativia by The Cut was born with this mission in mind. To create an open environment where you can cook, have breakfast, work, study and nurture in the broadest sense by fostering exchanges among people but also among environments, from the living room and beyond, including outdoor spaces, thanks to a wireframe that is more than a simple kitchen component and turns into a vertical vegetable garden.



Aluminum profile in all the upper side, for the opening of the doors, first drawers and lateral side of the columns. For a firm, easy and ergonomic grip.

RECORD Pop / System 01

Pop / System 01

Quarzo matt glass columns. Wall panelling and “living” island in Essenza Esotica finish.
Island, top, sides and wall units in Pietra Grigia finish. Storage tray in matt black and accessories in Noce Canaletto. Step frames in anodized matt black and shelves in Essenza Esotica.



The upper edge is straight and smooth like the other sides, without worked surfaces or inserts. Aesthetic evenness and clean and straight lines. A practical and efficient grip.

RECORD System 06

System 06

Avorio gloss lacquer for base units, wall units, columns and island. Snack top, shelves and open elements in HPL Forest laminate. Top in ER Beige 100 agglomerate. Jay door profile Avorio matt lacquer.

RECORD System 09

System 09

Base units and columns in gloss white lacquer with ABS edge.
Panelling in gloss white lacquer with ABS edge and Paglia melamine.
Shelf and table top in Paglia melamine.
Evy seating.



The union between the 45° door, top and sides lightens the perception of thickness and makes the “reading” of the clean and linear volumes of The Cut more enjoyable.



30° Cut along the entire top side for the opening of the doors, of the first drawers and of the side of the tall units. A comfortable, easy and ergonomic grip.



This kitchen concept extends to different areas. Inside and outside: nature in symbiosis with the routine of daily life. Details enhanced by natural materials such as stone and wood. A versatile style that plays, conceals and reveals at a glance. Spaces that speak of the experience of living, conveying vibrant design, full of emotions.



New spaces designed for socialising and for moments of comfort and well-being.
The celebration of food becomes a different form of social interaction that lives side by side with nature, evoking a sense of freedom.
Lasting performance, sophisticated finishes and evolved technology characterise the Zoe model.
Zoe embraces “life” and focuses on customisation, the essence of things and the celebration of the pleasure of sharing.
Made of AISI 316 steel to ensure high resistance to corrosion, adjustable shelves and cushioned hinges.
Functionality merges with carefully selected materials: the texture and consistency of stone, the lightness of glass and the strength of steel.
We offer exclusivity and elegance to create new projects.
Everything comes together and everything is created in a unique way.